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Thank you for viewing our Online Portfolio. You may also be interested in some of our other finished projects:

Caritus Christi of Greensburgh, PA Tabernacle
Theological College of Washington, DC Tabernacle
St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church of Cannonsburgh, PA
First Lutheran Chrch of Pittsburgh, PA Columbarium and Tabernacle
Our Lady of Lebanon National Shrine of North Jackson, OH

Iconography, Altar Furniture,
and Appointments
Saint Gregory Nazianzus
Byzantine Catholic Church

Upper St. Clair, PA

New Guild Studio designed and produced all of the following work shown in this portfolio:

A large icon of the "Communion of the Apostles" was made and installed to the curved back wall of the Sanctuary. The icon was painted in artist's oil colors, on canvas. Major festal icons of the "Nativity of Christ" and the "Myrrh-Bearing Women at the Sepulcher," painted in artist's oil colors on panel, were made for the two newly designed and produced side tables. A gilded hand-built wood triptych of the icon of the Theotokos with Christ Child, flanked on either side by Saints Peter and Paul, was completed for the shrine chapel located in the rear of the Church.

An iconostasis was designed to complement the contemporary interior. The screen is of steel construction with wood icon and copper leafed decorative panels. Twelve icons, painted with artist's oil colors on panel, with 23K gold and copper leaf accents, complete the icon screen.

Altar Furniture
The sanctuary furniture, including the altar, pulpit, side tables and tetrapod are original designs. They are constructed from cherry wood and embellished with hand worked copper ornament that has been finished with patina.

Church Appointments and Tabernacle
The tabernacle, tetrapod cross and candleholders, side tables and altar candleholders and the suspended sanctuary lamp were custom designed and produced in bronze and cherry wood. Each piece is accented with and-sculpted copper relief ornamentation and figurative work, such as the icons of Saints Cyril and Methodius that appear on the front doors of the Tabernacle and the crucifixion icon of the Tetrapod Cross.




New Guild Studio Online Portfolio
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New Guild Studio has been in the liturgical arts field since 1991. Over the years, the company of four - David and Suzann Miriello and David and Mary Korns - have completed numerous sacred art projects that range in scope and scale from the design and production of a single chalice to the renovation of an entire church.

From the beginning, sacred art has brought form and fulfillment to mans quest
for the divine. Rendered by the right hands, familiar motifs and figures have
the power to move people beyond the practical concerns of the world,
awakening in them the possibilities of the eternal.

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