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Exclusive Iconographic Plaques
by New Guild Studio

Faithful reproductions of original works by the artists of New Guild.

Each plaque is available in five sizes.
Most plaques are in stock in these normal sizes:
Small (5"x7")-$10 Medium (6"x8")-$15 Large (8"x10")-$25
These larger sizes are each specialy made and will take longer to reach you:
(12"x15")-$40 and (16"x20")-$90

New Guild Studio is a small, two family business that creates liturgical works of art and was founded in 1991, in Braddock, Pennsylvania. New Guild has produced many beautiful and evocative sacred images that represent the classically trained and unique voice of this small group of devotional artists. New Guild’s commissioned paintings embellish the interiors of cathedrals, churches, and chapels in local and international places of worship.

Now a large selection of these original New Guild paintings, reproduced in rich colors as ready to hang plaques, are available for immediate purchase in multiple sizes. Each individually printed image is affixed to a wooden plaque that has been carefully laminated with a low luster coating for long lasting beauty. Whether displayed in your home or sacred space, these elegant plaques will be the perfect gift for you, a loved one, or as a fundraising tool for your organization.

Once your order is placed, New Guild artists will assemble your plaque and ship with utmost care. These high quality devotional plaques will be yours to enjoy as cherished heirlooms to pass on to future generations.

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Jesus Christ

Triptych JC001

Enthroned JC002

Pantocrator JC003

Christ the Teacher JC004

Blessing JC005

Communion JC006

Christ Blessing JC007

Christ the Priest JC008

Venicle JC009

Divine Mercy JC010

Communion JC011

Sea of Galilee JC012

Resurrection JC013

Deposition JC014

Christ Enthroned JC015

Enthroned JC016

The Blessid Virgin Mother

BVM & Family BV001

Mother of God BV002

Coronation of Mary BV003

Mother of God BV004

Madonna Enthroned BV005

Sweet Kissing BV006

Enthroned BV007

Triptych BV008

Mother of God BV009

Dry Tree BV010

Theotokos BV011

In Glory BV012

Sweet Kissing BV013

Mother of God BV014

Immaculate Heart BV015

Sweet Kissing BV016

Queen of Martyrs BV017

Theotokos BV018

The New Testament

Nativity NT001

Nativity Triptych NT002

Feast at Cana NT003

Transfiguration NT004

Christ & Child NT005

Communion NT006

The Last Supper NT007

Crucifixion NT008

Crucifixion NT009

Resurrection NT010

Crucifixion NT011

Pieta NT012

Pentecost NT013

Women at Tomb NT014

Women at Tomb NT015

Women at Tomb NT016

Protection NT017


St. Clair ST001

St. Ann ST002

St. Francis ST003

St. George ST004

St. James ST005

St. Joan of Arc ST006

St. Joseph ST007

St. John the Baptist ST008

Mother Teresa ST009

St. Nicholas ST010

Matched Pairs

Pope John Paul II MS001

Pope Francis MS002

Christ Enthroned MS003

Madonna Enthroned MS004

St. Peter MS005

St. Paul MS006

St. Peter MS007

St. Paul MS008

Mother of God MS009

St. Joseph MS010

Mother of God MS011

St. Joseph MS012


Holy Family RI001

Genesis RI002

Jonah RI003

Last Judgement RI004

Our Lady of Recovery RI005

The Virgin Martyrs

St. Agatha VM001

St. Agnes VM002

St. Catherine VM003

St. Cecilia VM004

St. Eulalia VM005

St. Joan of Arc VM006

St. Lucy VM007

St. Maria Goretti VM008

St. Philomena VM009

If you are interested in purchasing any number of these plaques IN PERSON you can visit New Guild at their studio at 700 Braddock Ave., Braddock, PA 15104.

For those not wanting to use our convenient point and click system we also take CHEQUES or orders OVER THE PHONE. Please contact New Guild through at (412) 351-6220.

Please remember the codes below each plaque so that we may know what you are interested in.

We also do large orders for liturgical shops and events.


From the beginning, sacred art has brought form and fulfillment to mans quest
for the divine. Rendered by the right hands, familiar motifs and figures have
the power to move people beyond the practical concerns of the world,
awakening in them the possibilities of the eternal.

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