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New Guild Studio Inc.
Let us bring out the beauty in your
place of worship.

At New Guild Studio we are always looking for new challenges in our field. If you think your place of worship could use a new look and they agree please feel free to contact us. We may not be able to give you a price right up front as each job is different but this could be the first step to having a glorious location of worship.


Please view some of our previous works.

New Guild Studio has been in the liturgical arts field since 1991. Over the years,
the company of four - David and Suzann Miriello and David and Mary Korns - have
completed numerous sacred art projects that range in scope and scale from the design
and production of a single chalice to the renovation of an entire church.


Phone: 412.351.6220 or Email:

From the beginning, sacred art has brought form and fulfillment to mans quest
for the divine. Rendered by the right hands, familiar motifs and figures have
the power to move people beyond the practical concerns of the world,
awakening in them the possibilities of the eternal.

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